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THE LOCAL GURU / Karlovačko

You are what you are because you're not what you're not.

The main character of the new campaign for Karlovačko beer is Đuro, who shares his unprovoked advice and encourages Croatians to live a better life. The character is based on life coaches, but Đuro is unconventional. He is deadly serious when he says that people should not take life too seriously.


Đuru arose from research that showed that Croats, who like to complain but do nothing about it, don’t need a great leader to show them how to do things, but a motivator, who tells them that things are ok they are. The agency has created a new face and a voice of optimism that shares wisdom for a more fulfilled life.

Agency: Bruketa&Žinić&Grey

CD: Siniša Waldinger, Drago Mlakar

CW: Vanja Činić, Drago Mlakar

AD: Tanja Pružek Šimpović

Director: Nevio Marasović

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