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1+1 / McDonald's

Facing a challenge to create a TVC campaign for the target group that does not primarily watch TV, we made a video that can be watched and listened to repeatedly, inviting teenagers to scan the QR code that rewards them day by day. The video was noticed, loved, and hated. The 1 + 1 campaign aired on all channels that reached the target group. However, the emphasis is on online media, especially social networks, public transport, billboards, CityLight posters, and television. By scanning the QR code from the video, people could win a coupon in the McDonald’s app and, with it, free fries.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 14.32.07.png

Agency: Futura DDB 

CD: Drago Mlakar

CW: Drago Mlakar, Mihaela Pavlović

AD: Marko Mikičić, Sandra Muža, Tina Brezovnik

Director: Marcella Zanki

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