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Work included in the permanent collection of the Poster House Museum NY

Advertising campaigns usually last for no more than a blink of an eye, except if they become included in the permanent collection of a museum. So I am really proud of this achievement. I always loved museums, and the thought that there will be an exhibition in 10 or 20 or 50 years that will show work I helped create, makes me smile. 


A campaign done for Društvo Ženska Svetovalnica - an NGO that fights against domestic violence and abuse. One of the side effects of the 2020 corona lockdown was an increase of domestic violence. While the public attention was focused on health workers, they were not the only ones bruised by the pandemic. We used similar portraits that were showing bruised healthcare workers to deliver a different message.   

Agency: andGustav

CD: Drago Mlakar

CW: Drago Mlakar

AD: Filip Latin

Strategic Planing: Tea Silvia Vlahović Mlakar


Well-raised fish. From the purest part of Adriatic. Campaign for Cromaris, a company that specializes in the farming, processing, and marketing of indigenous species of Adriatic fish.

Agency: Bruketa&Zinic&Grey

CD: Drago Mlakar

CW: Drago Mlakar

AD: Nebojša Cvetković

Ilustrator: Nebojša Cvetković

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